Artist Saw Hlaing

I was born in1939. Pyapon-Irrawaddy Delta. My Parents were U TunPe and DawHninSein.

In my early days in the middle school, I started the art of painting under the guidance of Sayar U Ba Thar, the drawing master in 1950-51,Sayar U Ba Thar became the chief principles of Painting.

If a person searches for knowledge should have step by step. He was the good master who could show the ways of painting well “Perspective, Tonal value, Proportion and Specializing subjects”. While I was at the high school, “An Oblation” (The Nats) was held at PyarPon in 1952-53.At that festival amount hundred Nats paintings were hanged. Several Nat paintings had been dim color and so they were taken to the artist great master SayarMyitGyi, who live at WakhemaStreet,Sanchaung. I was together with him. Great master SayarMyitGyi was the skillful master of Nat painting. He was trying to make his design also the silk and satin and velvet in dressing or clothing with bold and sharp line.He was the master of Myanmar traditional proportion “color and taste of Myanmar culture”.

After checking my transparent wate color, great master SayarMyitGyi said, “you should go to great artist U NgweGaing if you wish to paint transparent watercolor and oil color”.

That’s why I reach U NgweGaing’s studio at the Union Avenue, Helpin Road in 1954. I was at that time of matriculation student. As the pupil of SayarGyi U NgweGaing I felt the atmosphere of fine art. I decided to leave the school and I had to learn under SayarGyi U NgweGaing.

He was the skillful master of the moving cloud, base on panorama landscape, the misty mountain ranges and forest. Mostly can be seen the misty color separated the trees and bushes. SayarGyi U NgweGaing’s sketch was very characteristic as well as complete proportion. At the foreground he painted the reflection of water and soil, the path way and the bush.

Every brush stroke was made color combination without dusty. Transparent, he was really the master of fine art earning of living full enough.

A connection with SayarGyi U NgweGaingI reached SayarGyi U San Win who lives at the top floor of middle school, Bahan, Barjawgyi Gone. By the help of SayarGyi U San Win, I admitted to attend at Teacher Training College, Kanbei in 1957-58,I became as art teacher at theDepartment of Education for four years until 1962.

At that time I was serving under the SayarGyi U San Win. It was no doubt, U San Win created the new generation of the painters in Myanmar and he could be call a father of the new born painters ever lived. He tried the work of the painter to the further more SayarGyi U San Win always in deep thought of feeling and emotion. On the other hand he could attempt “color idealism, the way to paint, atmosphere, harmony and contrast of color”. He was really a master of cleverest painter of all time. For a year of two I had been mutual relationship with SayarGyi U San Win. I mean that I had second essence of painting I had got. In 1962, at the instruction course the two optional subjects; History and Geography, became curriculum of painting. Therefore I quitted from the service of art teacher.

And then I painted all kind of illustrations in all magazines; Shumawa, Myawaddi,Ngwetaryi and ThweThauk. While I was living at the street of Saint Vincent, MyayNigone in 1962-65.

I had to meet Uncle U Hla Shein(ICS) at No.38thInya Road. So often I got the ideas of fine art from him for the third time. I noticed that the by his assistance I knew the deepest way of fine art. The more I deepest painting line felt the essence of fine art, the more I wish to paint. I prefer to the master piece of the famous painter from generation to generation. That was why I absorbed my whole life in painting world. I met Sayar Gyi U Ba Kyi, the famous painter at the No.275, U Win Sara Road in front of Myaynigon Market where the exhibition was held the art works of Sayar Gyi U Ngwe Gaing, U San Win, and U Hla Shein including with my paintings, it was in 1965.

By the instruction of SayarGyi U Ba Kyi I got the idea of color mixing, color timing, weather timing, and also the impression of summer morning, winter morning, the raining morning, as well as summer night, winter night, and the raining night. I had knowledge of painting. I open my gallery for about five years from 1965-1970 on U Wisara Road in front of MyaynigoneMarket.Itis theone, the foremost art gallery in Myanmar. In 1971 I moved to No.267, Pyay Road.

In 1989-92, President of Myanmar Traditional Aritst and Aritsans Organization at Sanchaung Township, Yangon. From 1992 to 1995 I had been selected by Organization (Central) as a Treasurer. Then in 1995 to 2012 I worked as a vice president of Myanmar Traditional Artist and Artisans Organization (Central).

Every year my exhibition was going on with my companions. I participated all major exhibitions and group shows in Myanmar since 1957, in local and abroad. Solo shows exhibited from 2002 to 2010 every year.

About Mural Paintings and Collection

1992 Centre Piece Mural Painting 60’ x 45’ at Myanmar Emporium Hall, Yangon.

1994 60’ x 13’ at Defense Army Ordination Hall, Shwedagon Pagoda.

1994 20’’ x 30’’ Myanmar Cow Boy, Water Color Painting at Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan.

1994 3’ x 4’ Myanmar King’s Army painting at Defense Army Museum, Yangon.

1995 3’ x 4’ Yarhu Corner, Oil on Canvas, Shwedagon Pagoda Museum.

1996 3’ x 4’ (5)Ancient Bagan Pagodas, Oil Paintings for Bagan National Museum.

1997 6’ x 12’ (3) Myanmar Seascape Paintings Oil on Canvas, Sea Food Co.,Ltd.

1998 12’x 30’ (2) Myanmar Scenery and Mural Paintings, Yuzana Garden Hotel.

1999 3’ x 2’ (8) Religious Oil on Canvas Paintings, Marlum, Indonesia.

2001 27’ x 18’ Centre Piece Mural Painting, Drug Museum


2008 4’ x 3’ Oil Color Painting, National Art Museum, Singapore.

2018 4’ x 3’ Acrylic Painting, National Museum, Yangon, Myanmar.

International Exhibitions;

1994 4th Asian Art Show, Fukuoka, Japan.

2001 Hundred Year Art Exhibition, Beijing, China.

2004 Myanmar Orchid and Crotons Solo Show, 1st STOCK ART GALLERY, U.S.A.

2005 Orient 2005 Exhibition, Tokyo Japan. 2006 Orient 2006 Myanmar-Japan Rainbow Bridge, National Museum, Yangon.

After 2012, I retired from Myanmar Traditional Artist and Artisans Organization (Central).

Then I start trying to make my own gallery and private museum of my life time paintings. My Purpose to build this gallery was while I served as a Vice President of Myanmar Traditional Artist and Artisans Organization (Central); I traveled and organized every part of our country.

After several Organization trip, I found out, if these local artists could make the exhibition on capital of Myanmar, that will be kind of encouragement for their life. They could also achieve the experience of contemporary art and they can get more chance to link with the new environment. That will be easier to approach for their dreams.

I still travel every beauty part of my country and express my art works till my last breath. You will feel my art works as a real Myanmar taste and I just want to show how beautiful Myanmar.

Now I can arrange the exhibitions whoever admire to show their artwork, my gallery is warmly welcome to you all.